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  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Preparedness

    If you’re like most of us, the answer is no. It can be difficult to know where to begin and where to go from there. A disaster may be caused by carelessness, negligence, bad judgement or by natural forces such as a hurricanes, tornadoes or floods.Read More

November 2018

From the CEO

Think ‘Transformative’ when Envisioning the Future
 The 2018 Golf Business TechCon just wrapped up, and naturally my mind is on the future of the industryRead More

Cover Stories and Features

Order Up! Growing Beyond the Gree
 Increased revenues reflected by improved hospitalityRead More

All in the Family
 Golf businesses passed down through generations face layers of challengesRead More

Recession Resuscitation
 Troubled golf course properties see new life with economic upswingRead More

Put Out the Millennial Welcome Mat
 8 Simple Ideas Younger Golfers Want To See At Your CourseRead More

Case Studies

Two Operators- Two Questions: Bringing in the Holiday Shoppers
 Most golf operations have a year-end holiday sale. Here’s how two successful operators handle them.
Read More

Check the Egos at the Door
 There is admittedly cautious optimism. Then there is the prayerful hope that competitors can work together and show the type of cohesion that exists within a partnership or team.Read More

Drone Drops Next Big Thing On The Course?
 Like many courses, Grand Forks Park District is thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing its two properties. But this North Dakota entity is really thinking outside the box to drive more business.Read More

Final Thoughts with Colin Mayes
 Colin Mayes
Burhill Group Limited
Burhill Golf Club
Walton-on-Thames in Surrey,
United KingdomRead More

You Need to #inviteHER to the Party
 The overwhelming sentiment from women who have yet to play golf is that they think the game is not for them. Often, this disposition stems from intimidationRead More

Sea Pines Resort Pays Homage to its Architectural History
 he old clubs do it all the time. Walk into any traditional club in America – one of the stately ones with century-old clubhouses and memberships that span three or more generations – and you’ll see the history in every nook and crannyRead More

Increased Drone Use Brings Benefits, Concerns
 The use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones continues rapid growth for recreation and business applicationsRead More


Boot Ranch Gains Footing in Timeshare Market
 Vacation ownership or timeshare is a concept that’s been around for decades and widely adopted by some of the biggest hoteliers in the hospitality businessRead More

GPS Guides Player Growth at Sun City
 Practically everyone in the golf industry agrees the game needs to find new ways to attract more juniors and help make golf course ownership a sustainable business for generations to comeRead More

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November 2018 Issue

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