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  • GBC 2019
  • GBC 2019

    Golf Business Conference is the National Golf Course Owners Association’s (NGCOA) annual member meeting, and is the industry’s largest gathering of golf course owners and operators.Read More

January 2019

From the CEO

A Year in a View
 I love a good metaphor. As someone who gets to tell the story of our industry to the media and other audiences, I love a well-placed, well-delivered metaphor.Read More

Cover Stories and Features

Remember, It’s Just A Game
 David Feherty’s Wry Perspective Earns Him NGCOA Award of MeritRead More

A Walk With History
 Resorts Display Golf Memorabilia to Enhance Guest ExperienceRead More

What’s in a Name?
 Rebranding is more than a name change. It’s philosophical, cultural, physical and it’s emotional.Read More

The Tax Man Cometh
 Navigating the revamped tax code in 2019 really starts with your 2018 filing.Read More

Case Studies

Making Technology Work for You
 How have advancements in technology helped you improve service at your operation?Read More

Know Who You Are
 Boucher Family of Mission Inn remains True to ThemselvesRead More

What a year it’s been
 Having served as the NGCOA president for nearly a year, I have been asked on several occasions, “How are things going at NGCOA?” So, here is a partial answer to that oft-asked question.Read More

University of North Dakota Saves Golf Course
 Every business falls victim to fads disguised as wisdom. Remember the rush to mimic Japanese business practices in the ’80s?Read More

Industry News and Trends

Hitting your Target Market
 Your customers can be grouped according to a variety of different identifiable characteristics that reflect their specific needs and interestsRead More


Final Thoughts with Michelle Wittig
 What is your biggest goal for Juday Creek in 2019?Read More


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Owners Manual IconBrought to you by Yamaha
Visit the Owner’s Manual library within the GB Archive for practical, small business insights and know-how for your golf operation.Read More

January 2019 Issue

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