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September 2019

From the CEO

Growing Youth Golf: Fact or Friction
 I love corporate lingo. There are some great YouTube clips making fun of all the esoteric phrases we use in the business environmentRead More

Cover Stories and Features

Long-range Goals: How Technology is Driving New Revenues
 It’s a near universal dilemma, one almost all operators face with feelings that fluctuate from marginal concern to sheer, unadulterated panic.Read More

Getting Technical About It
 Rural Maine course owners create year-round demandRead More

Rise of the Machines
 Artificial Intelligence Influencing Golf’s FutureRead More

The Numbers Add Up
 Emerging Simulator Strategies proving profitable for Indoor-Golf SuccessRead More

Case Studies

Final Thoughts with David Frem
 As a daily fee golf course, what incentives do you provide to keep players coming back regularlyRead More

Avoiding Social Media Backlash
 I traveled to Florida recently to do training with the PGA of America. It was the end of the day, and with an hour to goRead More

Two Operators, Two Questions
 With all the high-tech data available now as part of club fitting, what is the single most important piece of data that a fitter needs to seeRead More

Words Matter
 Six Tips for Increasing and Improving Your Course’s Online ReviewsRead More

Robotic Mowers Get the Green Thumbs Up
 From Google to Tesla to name-your-favorite automotive manufacturer, everyone seems to be working on a self-driving car these daysRead More

They’re History! Or Are They?
 I am never going back. The past is in the past. Let it go!Read More

At Risk for a Data Breach?
 Today’s golf courses rely more than ever on technologyRead More

USGA Tool Taking Different Track
 Sometimes what you set out to create is not what the end-user sees at all.Read More

A Perfect Match
 AI Facilitates pairing of Golfers with the Right Private ClubRead More

Getting A Bird’s Eye View
 Agronomy Technology Flying High At RavennaRead More


Biofeedback Helps Instructors’ Bottom Lines
 One problem with technology is how quickly people adapt to it so that it becomes the expected normRead More

New Innovation with a Historical Start
 Besides being one of the most famous athletes in the Golden Age of sportsRead More

Club Members Enhance Community Trails
 Mark Twain is often quoted as saying, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” If that’s the case, the quipster should have stepped foot on Desert Mountain.Read More



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September 2019 Issue

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