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  • Practicing Visionary

     Dr. Bennett York Saw Golf On His Land Even Though He Doesn’t PlayRead More

  • Dormie Network Offers Low-Carb Option On All Its Courses

     Keto, the low-carb, high-protein, high-fat diet that has made the rounds several times in the last couple of decades, is on the rise again, especially among men. Bolstered by new medical research that shows the old food pyramid was wrong, and in many ways contributed to obesity, more people than ever are discovering that cutting out bread and sugar while replacing potatoes with a slice of avocado leads to lower weight, better health and more energy.Read More

  • When Are Service Charges Tips?

    Those of us in the service industry have always assumed there was a clear delineation between service charges and tips. These assumptions are being tested not only by the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations but also within state legislatures and numerous state and federal courts.Read More


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  • Beware of Barter - The Ins and Outs of Trading Your Tee Times
  • Beware of Barter - The Ins and Outs of Trading Your Tee Times

     National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) has pulled back the curtain to reveal data, reviews, and narratives every golf course owner or operator should know about bartering tee times away for golf management software (GMS) technology, and tee time distribution services. Read More

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