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May 2021

EventPro360 Takes Event Sales & Management to New Cloud-based Heights

By Scott Kauffman

In a lot of cases, owning and operating a golf facility can represent a disparate state of business affairs. And for many of the busier and bigger facilities/clubs, it can sometimes seem like being in a state of organized chaos.

At least that’s how some might perceive this unique business that often operates not only as a golf and recreational pursuit, but a retail store, full-service restaurant and hospitality or lodging venue all wrapped up in one. Throw in the fact golf traditionally is slow to adopt technological advances from an enterprise perspective, and the communication and coordination of these various business units/events can be well, not-so efficient to say the least.

Longtime golf industry professional John Hein knows this full well having served as the Director of Sales for Baltimore County’s five publicly owned facilities for 16-plus years. Indeed, Hein, who started working for the county in the late 1990s, remembers the early years of using typewriters and paper contracts to book business and crude computer spreadsheets to manage the county’s multitude of golf outings, weddings and other life events/meetings with various golf and food-and-beverage department heads.

Fast forward to Hein’s second stint as the county’s Director of Sales (he returned to the golf world in 2015 after taking a 10-year hiatus), and the Baltimore native feels like he’s come out of the golf dark ages thanks to event management software provider EventPro360.

When the Baltimore County golf team recommended installing the innovative software in the fall of 2018, Hein had no idea what to expect. Today, he says his job has never been simpler and more efficient as it relates to inputting, coordinating and updating event data in live time and having it auto-populate for subsequent months and years to come if necessary.

“I actually told my wife the other day if the county cut EventPro out of the budget, I’d actually pay for it out of my own pocket,” Hein says. “There’s no way I could go back to doing it the old way. This does everything I want and more.”

And one of the most enjoyable aspects is the ease of simply inputting data once after securing a new event client, according to Hein, and having it seamlessly interface with all of the other event coordinators in an easy-to-navigate cloud-based platform.

“Before, we literally had an excel file (Google sheet) for each month of the year that all of us shared,” Hein says. “So the golf pros and I could both look at it and make changes, but it was so barbaric and so difficult to read and change and fit all your information. It was just awful.”

The EventPro360 software solution, which annually costs $980 for unlimited users, activation and customized tech support, was born out of the frustration from former golf professionals themselves, Bill Reller, Danny Rainbow and Rainbow’s father, Gary Rainbow, dating back to their days of booking events and managing various calendars for a trio of courses owned by Madison Golf and Development Group in southern Wisconsin.

One of the more innovative wrinkles recently introduced to the EventPro360 platform at Baltimore County is the newly integrated point-of-sale software connectivity with industry leader foreUP. This type of cutting-edge software packaging solution is one reason EventPro360 is experiencing robust growth with more than 300-plus clients nationwide, including several large management companies such as Troon and KemperSports.

“This industry changes so quickly with technology,” says Reller, a former 30-year PGA Professional who serves as the vice president of marketing for the Wisconsin-based company. “A lot of people just don’t understand what to do and what to get as far as their (POS) and other software and things like. … We think the combination of foreUP and EventPro is really kind of the cat’s meow as far as really managing everything at a club – or at least most of it. And this is what I think most people are looking for.”

For Hein and the rest of his Baltimore County event management colleagues, it couldn’t have come sooner.



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