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October 2019

Apply & Demand


By Jared Williams
Managing Director

And so, association members, ask not what your association can do for you — ask what you can do for your association. Not to get too presidential on you (in paraphrasing Kennedy’s inaugural address), but after all, this is the USA…Tee Time Coalition.

But if you really break down the specific demand, there is a lot that we can deduce from that call to action. With the Tee Time Coalition founded by the PGA of America and the NGCOA, I’ve been able to see the different programs and plans of action put in place in hopes of better serving members. As a member-based association, the content and education developed is largely indicative of the perceived value its existing and prospective members have for the respective associations.

In fact, that is why the Tee Time Coalition was formed – to have an organization dedicated to all issues related to online tee time distribution. To have a point person or ombudsman, to whom members could reach out directly for assistance on any tee time distribution questions and concerns.

We’ve done panels, delivered section education, built a robust website and created guidelines, standards and a Bill of Rights that act as resources for the golf industry. Our website and  YouTube channel offer over 61 educational videos, whitepapers, surveys, historical timelines or various other types of content to assist in understanding the best practices for tee time distribution and managing business relationships with your vendors.

So, while there was (and still is) a definite demand for education in this space, there is still a missing piece. Somewhat an elephant in the room, if you will.

We have responded to the demand with supply (in the form of content).

But, what about the application part? Moving from supply and demand to applying the principles, best practices and insights? If we’re being honest with ourselves as an organization, we’ve struggled to get golf courses to fully buy-in and begin using this content to buttress their existing operational efforts, practices and procedures.

Perhaps we need to make the process seamless from education to application. I think we did a decent job of this in spelling out exactly how to use our cease-and-desist templates to curtail any attempts by third parties to siphon away your golf course’s legitimate web traffic.

But maybe there is more we can do to encourage golf courses to apply that education to their daily operations. After all, no matter how good the content is, if it’s not applied at the course level, then the impact is not what we hoped. We’ve seen this with the ORCA report. It delivers robust data for course operators in a similar fashion to the hospitality industry’s STAR report. Yet, while the STAR report is a daily reference on pricing occupancy and rate for hoteliers, the ORCA report hasn’t experienced similar widespread adoption.

With the rumors of several of the largest OTTA providers in the midst of mergers and acquisitions, education efforts will need to ramp up. So, ask more of us. Tell us where our education efforts should be focused. Tell us where there is a missing link between education and practical application. Help us help you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (



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