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     The key to any successful venture is knowing when and how to seize upon opportunity. For Jonathan Byler, president and CEO of Byler Holdings in central Pennsylvania, the opportunities were plentiful. It was the “knowing how” part that required some work and innovative thinking.Read More

  • Scottsdale Operators Face Plane Crash Emergency

     Shortly after 9 p.m. on Monday, April 9, a small plane that had just taken off from Scottsdale Airport in Arizona crashed onto TPC Scottsdale’s Champions golf course, bursting into flames and killing all six people on board.Read More

  • Wellesley Country Club Carves Short Course from Vacant Space

     Never assume a vacant piece of land on your club’s property is useless.Read More


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  • Tee Time Coalition

    The primary purpose of the coalition is to support a more competitive and balanced marketplace in public golf that is both supportive of the golf course owner, operator, PGA professional and the golf consumer. This will be accomplished by promoting adoption of online tee time guidelines and best practices among technology companies, online agents, marketers, golf course operators, general consumers, and the media.Read More

June 2018

Two Operators, Two Questions

Many resort golf facilities also have local members. Here’s how two resort operators handle the delicate balance of local members and resort guests, all of whom want — and expect — the day’s earliest tee times.

Wes Forester

Joe Lewandowski

Golf Business: How do you handle the balance of local members and resort guests when it comes to early tee times?

Wes Forester: With the luxury of having five resort courses, we are able to operate four with split tees to double the more coveted early times, with members starting on the first tee and resort guests on No. 10. This leaves us one course on straight tees for early golfers who want to play at a more rapid pace.

Joe Lewandowski: There’s always a delicate balance when it comes to the earliest tee times. If both a resort guest and a member request the earliest time we almost always give preference to members, as they support us year-round, live here and are integral to our success. However, if there are only two resort guests looking to play and a foursome of members, I send the resort guests out first, as the twosome will play faster. Luckily, this is not a huge issue as most resort guests are vacationing and would rather eat breakfast and aren’t looking to play before 7 a.m.

GB: Have you ever had trouble balancing tee times with resort guests and local golfers? How have you addressed it?

Wes Forester: We are constantly evaluating the demand for premium times and make adjustments as necessary. Our private members-only course maintains straight tees during all open days, allowing our members additional access to early morning times not accessible to resort guests.

Joe Lewandowski: Again, we don’t typically run into this issue as most resort guests prefer not to play at sun up, but in this situation, we would give preference to hotel guests depending on the number of players.

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