Charitable Tournament Hosting

Group business has long been a welcome source of bulk sales, prepaid deposits and lower cancellation risk than you get with open play.

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What 's next for this evergreen facet of the golf operation?

The Dormie Network

Every year golf facilities, mostly public but some private too, are inundated with requests from charitable organizations for donations of golf

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Philanthropy is Part of its Culture


Practically any golfer can share at least a few reasons why he or she likes the sport. But it turns out, even a category of nongolfers have found golf to be quite worthwhile: nonprofits.

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A category of non-golfers that has found golf to be quite worthwhile

Supporter Becomes The Supported...

For decades the small town of Midland, Michigan, two hours by car from Detroit and a healthy bike ride from the sandy shores of Bay City, has relied on its local country club

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Michigan Country Club Renewal is Emblematic of The Country