Madam President

After 3:00, you know where to find her. Cathy Harbin, the new president of the NGCOA and owner of Pine Ridge Golf Course in Paris, Texas

Feature 1

Cathy Harbin brings a wealth of experience to NGCOA

Capital Changes Everything

There’s a song by 80’s pop star Cyndi Lauper that is titled “Money Changes Everything.”

Main Feature 2

How Money in the Golf Industry is Moving

Succession Success

The business of golf is in Samantha Swartz’s blood. She grew up on her family’s course, the Honeybrook Golf Club in eastern Pennsylvania

Main Feature 3

On-the-job training is one way to leave your course in good hands

This Discussion is Getting Old

It pops up every couple of years on Accelerate – a discussion about senior discounts. The questions include: Should I or shouldn’t I?

Main Feature 4

55 is a Speed Limit, Not An Age Deserving Of Discounts