Tom Brooks Takes the Helm

When course owner Tom Brooks was growing up in Gardnerville, Nevada, his father sold industrial chemicals and occasionally would call on the golf industry.

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The Nevada Native Becomes NGCOA’s Newest President

Operation 36 Shooting for 1 Mil Golfers

His goal: to introduce golf to one million people in the next five years.

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Matt Reagan is a man on a mission – a mission for a million

Minding Millennials

Just two days after getting this assignment to write on millennials’ love of golf, I got this text from my son, Connor, who is 25...

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Younger Players Are Loving Golf. Here’s How To Get And Keep More Of Them

Landscape of Liability

I’m sure we have all done it or at least witnessed one of our playing partners hit that long, high golf shot that goes everywhere but the golf course.

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How Poor Golf Shots Could Find Clubs in a Financial Puzzle