July 2017

From the CEO

Vantage Point
So, I did something this past weekend I haven’t done in 10 years. I went on a guys’ golf trip. Seven of us played 72 holes over three days in North Carolina’s Sandhills.Read More

Cover Stories and Features

Service First
By encouraging activity at outside businesses, Justin Wood and Fairmont Hotels are building goodwill in the golf-traveler communityRead More

A Watchful Eye
It’s hard to imagine a golf course owner or operator out there who hasn’t yet seen the image, which weeks later is still making the rounds. The one where Tiger Woods, renowned golfer and one-time face of the sport, wobbling around as he undergoes DUI sobriety tests one late night on a quiet Florida roadside.Read More

Taylormade Takeaways
Another round of doom-and-gloom has descended upon the golf industry, this time cued up by adidas, which has finally found a buyer for parts of its golf division.Read More

Taking What’s Theirs
Golf Course owners are working to reclaim tee times from third-party sellersRead More

Case Studies

It’s a Family Tradition
The legacy of the Gabriel family is alive and well at Cloverleaf Golf Course, which carries a long, storied history in the St. Louis area. Though family members have come and gone over the years, their impact remains everpresent at the 18-hole, daily-fee facilityRead More

The Wild‭,‬ Wild‭ ‬West
Even with an unrivaled PGA Tour pedigree and steady membership numbers, PGA West stakeholders have seen the writing on the wall and are making major investments in non-golf amenitiesRead More

Tranquil Tranquilo
Efficiently using the foundation of a former Disney-owned facility, leadership at Tranquilo Golf Club has aligned the course, clubhouse and experience to the Four Seasons brandRead More

Industry News and Trends

Caring For Customers
It’s 2 a.m., inside Any Airport, USA, and someone makes the announcement that the delayed 6 p.m. flight from earlier that night will finally begin boarding.Read More

Summer Story
Being in the sand, in this sport, is a phrase typically uttered under one’s breath as a golfer grumbles his or her way down the fairway. Read More


Survey Says
The Golf USA Tee Time Coalition needs your help with the Golf Course Owner and Operator Survey. Complete this brief questionnaire and watch its long-lasting effects take holdRead More