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  • Making the Big Leagues

    You think finding your little white golf ball hidden in the woods is hard? Imagine tracking it down somewhere behind 60,000 seats.Read More

  • Building An Empire

    Rod Metzler and Empire Golf are overcoming a saturated marketplace in Northern California by offering an array of initiatives for the entire family at each of their four facilitiesRead More

  • At The End of Their Lease

    Members at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club are proud to call the Vancouver course home. But with its lease expiring and unlikely to be extended, how long will they be able to call it that?Read More


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  • Tackling Tee Times
  • Tackling Tee Times

    It’s been just over a year since the launch of the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition, a joint initiative of the NGCOA and PGA of America that’s working to ensure a balanced marketplace in public golf. The action has been nonstop ever since for its managing director, Jared Williams, who sat down this month with the Golf Business podcast ì3 Key Thoughts’ to discuss what the coalition has accomplished thus far and what lies ahead.Read More

May 2017

NGCOA Unites

ngcoaunites.jpg‭The NGCOA is once again set to unite the world’s largest gathering of multi-course owners next month as part of its 21st annual MCO Leadership Retreat in Monterey, California

Because of their size and ability to facilitate innovation, multi-course owners and operators are often in a unique place to implement new and evolving practices in golf.

That means a lot of brainpower and cutting-edge ideas will unite next month, when the NGCOA once again brings the world’s largest gathering of multi-course owners together for its 21st annual MCO Leadership Retreat. It’s an essential event for both the association and its MCO members, where executive education is offered to this unique group of NGCOA members.

“The MCO Leadership Retreat allows a large segment of the industry to rally around and discuss improvements to the golfer experience and golf operations,” explains Jay Karen, NGCOA CEO. “Leaders of multiple-property operations have unique educational and networking needs, and we’re excited about bringing this group together once again.”

The retreat is set for June 20 and 21 at the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa in Monterey, California. The education will predominantly focus on the franchise business, with industry experts coming in to discuss leveraging economies of scale, structuring headquarters versus multiple offices across geographies, and much more.

“No matter how much is changing inside and outside of golf, the need to get together with our peers and learn never changes,” adds Claye Atcheson, vice president of Marriott Golf—The Americas, and this year’s retreat chairman. “We’re looking forward to a great event to support our company goals, as well as to help drive the industry forward.”


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